Review – Fusion Beauty anti-acne primer

I have tried enough makeup primers, but none of them convinced me that there is a big difference between applying a primer + foundation or just a foundation. With primer, the foundation stays a bit longer, so I usually use a primer when I go to a party, and I need everything to look good for more than 8 hours. When I put my usual makeup for going to work, sometimes I use a primer, sometimes I do not… depending on how much time I have and my mood that day.


I bought Fusion Beauty anti-acne primer on strawberry, on sale, of course – they had good sale prices, and I cannot stop buying – with only 11 euros compared to the full price of 31 euros. I loved the description, and I convinced myself that it’s worth buying: it has salicylic acid for reducing without irritations the bacteria causing acne, absorbs and controls oil, reduces pores, has among its ingredients calming plants to stop red spots and it creates a calm, clean complexion, without imperfections.


Although I do not have problems with acne or spots, the description seemed too intriguing to resist.

Fusion Beauty anti-acne primer has a yellowish color, curious because all primers I had so far were clear. The product is fast absorbed, does not leave a grease layer, and it does not influence the skin or foundation’s color. I use my fingers to apply (I know bad bad, but that’s all) on my cleaned face, after using a moisturizer.

Honestly, I do not feel any difference on my skin, as I cannot say I have acne, but pimples appear from time to time. Probably it should be used daily as almost all cosmetic products, but I am a lazy person. On the other hand, I felt a difference in foundation resistance, which was improved by a few hours: about 12 hours instead of 8 hours. So, it has positive effects. I do not have redness or spots, and I do not know what to say about this. Even if Fusion Beauty anti-acne primer is better than the primers I had before, I do not know if I would pay for it the retail price. I would buy this makeup primer again only on sale.