Wrinkles on your face? Ditch the cream, say hello to face oils


There comes this time in your life when that supply elastic young facial skin that you use to have in your teen years starts changing in appearance. You start noticing wrinkles and fine lines especially around your laugh lines, eyes and sometimes on the forehead. You feel frightened and wonder if you have started joining the senior people’s team when you are just a little above 30.  Don’t worry, you are still young and can still rejuvenate the suppleness of your facial skin.

Stars like Emma Stone and Gwyneth Paltrow have long depended on the powers of face oil to keep that young and radiant look. Face oils help to give you a younger-looking and healthier facial skin without the unnecessary harsh or toxic properties that come with many beauty products. There have been speculations surrounding the use of face oils and if it’s good for the skin. Face oils are to our skin what oils rich in fatty acids do to our bodies in keeping it healthy.

The wrinkles appear because as we age, we produce less oil and expose our skin to dryness and wrinkles. This is where face oil come in. Oils help act as a barrier to dehydration and to lock in as much moisture as possible. The upper layers of our skin absorb the oil directly into the top layers of the epidermis. In just as little as few weeks with an application, you will notice the difference that your friends will confirm.

Between face oil and creams, which should you choose?

Creams contain less oil and more of water and waxes. Wax builds up and may clog the pores and, therefore, may prevent the oils contained in the cream from reaching into the layers of the skin. Natural oils, on the other hand, give you all the goodness of oil without any barrier.

Face Oils for is good for mature skins by preventing oxidative and per-oxidative damage. This will result in skin that is more resilience with a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

It is also good for blemish-prone skins otherwise known as oily skin. Harsh soaps and scrubs can strip your skin of the natural protection. Lipids from oils dissolve lipids and, therefore, break up the congestion on the skin.

You, however, need to be careful when choosing face oils. The first thing is to look at the ingredient contained in the face oil product. Oils from citrus photosensitize the skin and can be detrimental instead of helpful to the facial skin.

What to look out for searching for good face oil is the extraction method. Go for the face oil that is expeller pressed, steam CO2-extracted or steam distilled than solvent extracted oils.

Helichrysum, Carrot Seed and krill have the best anti-aging properties. They rejuvenate the skin. Tree oils are also good but mainly provide antiseptic benefits that lift the spirit.

So in conclusion, we can say that it’s safer to go with face oils than creams if your aim is to ward off untimely wrinkles and attain a healthy, supple-looking skin.

Acne breaks out a day to that party? Use these makeup tips to tackle it


So you are all excited about Saturday night’s alumni party cos all your friends, school mates, lecturers especially that particular one that used to give you a hell of a time (and now you are going to show him you actually turned out just fine), are going to be there. And then on Saturday morning, you wake up with an outbreak of acne. What? You were not expecting that and you are all sad about it. Not to worry sweetheart, that acne won’t take your shine. You may not be able to wipe off that acne by the wave of a magic wand, but you certainly can do a very good job at concealing it. That’s right, you heard it. The magic is to cover it with makeup and make sure you catch all the fun that’s going down Saturday night.

Excited to know how you can do that? We’ll get to it in a minute. But first, let it be clear that acne and makeup are two things that do not always agree. You may want to use makeup and cover up all that reddish or brownish pop out on your face but instead, you end up making it worse. It’s very pertinent to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to makeup and concealing breakouts. Knowing what to do can make a world of difference and can help you avoid getting the exact opposite of what you do not want to have; obvious acne covered face.

Now let’s get down to what you need to do before you lose all patience with reading this.

The first thing you need to do is get your skin ready for the procedure. You do not want to pile up makeup on an already acne infested face. You must make sure that your face is washed thoroughly and free of any oil or dirt.

The next thing is to apply a non-greasy moisturiser. Most of the time, acne is as a result of too much oil on the skin that could block the pores and cause a breakout. Switching to a non-greasy moisturiser not just for your face alone, but for your whole body is highly recommended.

And then we move on to the makeup proper. The next thing you will put on your face is a silicon based primer. That’s what will make sure your makeup stays put no matter how hard the acne tries to break free and expose the work you did at concealing it.

The next step is to get a concealer that is a shade darker than your colour. With a clean hand, and using your ring finger, take a little portion of your concealer and apply them on the face and on the acne in soft strokes. Don’t go heavy on it; apply just enough to cover it. For this purpose we suggest getting a concealer with a mattifying effect.

Next is to get your favourite foundation that matches your skin colour especially the neck. You can apply it generously on the acne problem area, and after that, you also apply it to the non-problem areas but not heavily. The idea is to draw attention from your acne to the part of your face that is clear. You will then take your highlight to highlight not the acne part this time, but the clear part of your face. This is the absolute wonder that will make sure that everyone notices everything about you but your acne.

So there you have it, you can still rise above that acne and never ever let an acne breakout stop you from having the best time of your life.

Ways To Help Your Breasts Stay Younger


Did you know that the breasts are always two years older than our real age? They age the quickest than any other part of our body. That is what a research by Professor Steve Horvath found out. Considering the aesthetics it adds to our body and total appearance, we cannot ignore these two lovely bumps on our chest. We all like showing off beautiful cleavage when out in the open, but not taking care of your breasts can reduce the number of years you can show it off.

We pay so much attention to our face, our skin, our hair, our nails and what have you, but seem to pay little or no attention to the one thing that complements our outlook. Age-proofing your breasts is the best way to protect it from wearing out too quickly even before the natural forces like childbirth and ageing set in.

You may want to know why our breasts seem to age out too soon. According to a biochemist, Nausheen Qureshi, she said that the breast skin is quite sensitive, very thin and is a victim of the hormonal changes we experience during our lifetime. There is a decrease of collagen as we age. Also, childbirth adds its pressure when it forces the mammary glands to produce milk for the newly born. We are cannot overlook the effect of the sun on our breasts too.

Here are some of the preventive steps to protect your breasts from ageing quicker than you do.

  1. Some people were told that it is wrong to apply moisturiser on the breast to avoid cancer. Well, that is nothing but a myth. Actually, your breasts can benefit greatly from a good moisturiser that is high in Vitamin B3 or niacinamide and also antioxidants. They are very rich in anti-ageing properties. You may also want to consider collagen breast masks that tighten the skin and also makes for cellular metabolism.
  1. Apply a sunscreen on the breast. Sunscreens are not just for your face alone. As long as your breasts are receiving the effect of sun, you need also to give them their portion of sunscreen application. Sunscreens protect the skin from the rays of the sun not excluding the breast. Look out for those with Vitamin E.
  1. Watch out for that product with big promises! Whenever you see a beauty product that promises to do wonders for your skin, take a look at the ingredients. Once you cannot understand most of the ingredients drop it and look for the ones that relate to you. It has been found that chemicals in the beauty products we use some of the time work against us.
  1. Many times, we tend to overlook the fact that our breasts need extra support. This is mostly found at ladies with smaller breasts. However small your breasts may be, you need to help it retain that youthful look by supporting it with a good bra and accurate cup size. It is wrong to work out without a good sports bra. Underwire bra is a no-no when it comes to working out. Also, the need to ensure you measure your breasts so as to get the right bra size cannot be overemphasised.

Having said all this, we want to point out that prevention is better than cure. Start early in life to protect your breasts and teach your teenage girls to the same. And even if your breasts have gone south, you can still use some exercises like push up and the rest to give it a natural boost and firmness.

Article written by chelahmilcah

7 Ways to lose Weight the Healthy Way

I gained an unhealthy amount of weight when my thyroid function slowed down. Worst of all, I lived away from home, so diet was fast food and exercise were munching that fast food. Having an endocrine disease, fasting and dieting were not an option.

At 75% of my goal weight, am sharing with you 100% holistic pointers that helped me. Remember to Detoxify before you begin. Details in my article “7 Tips for Healthy Skin”.

  1. Getting Prepped

See your doctor and get tested for diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure and blood count. If required, go for necessary treatments and alter your diet according to doctor’s recommendations.

  1. Set a date and Slowly Increase Water Intake

Plan for a day to begin your regime. Let’s call it D-day. Up until D-day, slowly increase water intake to 3 litres. Water deficiency causes water retention, which contributes to weight gain. The more you drink, the more you shrink!

  1. Exercise

Start getting your body used to physical activity. What I found helpful was using GOQII fitness tracker. It helped me count my daily steps, water intake, calorie intake and sleep. It even reminded me to walk if I sat for too long. By D-day, you should comfortably be able to walk 7000 steps.

  1. Accountability

Parties will not stop when you decide to get healthy, so whenever possible, try to eat at home before you attend social events. When you cannot do so, don’t worry, just eat. Extend your walk by at least 30 minutes the next day.

  1. Cook without Oil

Gradually taper down the amount of oil you use to cook, such that by D-day you can cook and eat food without oil.

  1. Increase Fibre in your diet

 Start eating oats, leafy salads and fruits if you don’t already do so. If you do, make sure you eat a salad 45 minutes before your meals, and fruits in between.

  1. Eat 6 Meals

 Once you reach D-day, break your day into 6 small meals. Our Moms followed this pattern when we were kids. Nothing stops you faster from eating fast food than this.

 Next week, I will come back with some recipes and my recommended routine for D-day onwards. Hoping that until then, you will follow the above.

Until then dear reader, use the Comments section to share your ideas of braving the Weight-Gain Dragon!

Article written by  kananmodi