Previsions of Beauty Trends in 2016

I am not an Oracle, but I am going to try to make some previsions of Beauty Trends for 2016 and we shall see what comes true and what not.


Big makeup companies usually have a plan in place, for at least 3 or 5 years, unless a star decides to wear red instead of pink. But stars are sponsored by companies, so… everything happens for a reason.

1. Dry conditioner


I think that this will be the big hit of the year. Even if dry shampoo is a big thing, I used to consider this the best product ever invented, but dry conditioner is the next big hit. TIGI has it, and I think many more brands will follow. It will be just a matter of finding the best one.

2. Two Faced Mascara Melt Off

I am so looking forward for this. It was announced by Jerrod late last year. Basically it is an oil based conditioner that can wipe off your stubborn mascara. As it is Two Faced own variation, it will be for their new mascara product. Hopefully it will be a stand alone product and a duo with the new mascara.


3. Marc Jacobs Beauty hysteria

Cheers to a beautiful 2016! Happy New Year from #MarcJacobsBeauty 🍾💄💋🎉

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The full line of Marc Jacobs Beauty will hit Harrods in 2016. It is already a big fuss around this brand.

Multimoon or the perfect honeymoon

Multimoon or the perfect honeymoon



He saw she or she saw him, it does even matter, then a smile, a date and they were a couple. They loved each other and decided to get married… and the madness started. How to manage to plan everything and to find the perfect honeymoon, as she wanted sun, beaches and clear, blue water and he wanted mountains, trees and fresh air. She wanted luxurious pampering, and he wanted inspiring adventure. They actually wanted a multimoon, meaning a multi-center honeymoon, a new and exciting trend where you don’t have to land in only one place, stay there, and return with only one location to remember and talk about! As they were looking to do something truly unique and different on their honeymoon and they wanted to visit more than one destination, this was the perfect fit between sun and mountains, beaches and fresh air, pampering and adventure. It’s a perfect way to enjoy a romantic time whilst visiting a handful of locations.


Many of you are going to think that is does not really matter where you go if you are with the loved person. And this is true, but the honeymoon is a period of love and if the location is not suitable for love then all is ruined. It is all about location, location, location. So, call a specialist. Actually, call The Specialist! Why settle for something less, when you can have the perfect multimoon especially tailored for your needs?

What they say:, part of the Destination Weddings Travel Group, is the leading Weddings Abroad & Honeymoons Specialist in the UK. Voted at the 2011 & 2012 British Travel Awards as the Best Specialist Weddings Abroad and Honeymoons Operator. Sister company to Perfect Weddings Abroad. Our website was launched thanks to feedback from brides and grooms who wanted to have a Honeymoon Specialist. Our site showcases the widest variety of luxury honeymoon locations worldwide, so wherever you are planning on spending your honeymoon… we have your perfect location!

What I think:

Letting a specialist handle the wedding and honeymoon is the best advice anyone can give you. Let someone else manage all the stress and you just enjoy your big day and travel without having to take care of bookings and other problems.

Never say feminine hygiene again

Hello Ladies,

Today I want to introduce a new brad, focused on feminine hygiene products. I think we are on the same page when I say that feminine hygiene is a tabu, as no one likes talking about this subject, let alone actually going out there and buying the products for intimate care. What if, we had an alternative: intimate care products that do not look like intimate care products and you can feel as confident and comfortable as buying skin, nail or hair products? And what if those products were ground-breaking for intimate care in order to help maintain internal balance and help women feel their best every day?



Studies show that three quarters of women are saying they hate the current, outdated and unfashionable products on offer, they are either too embarrassed to buy them or resort to hiding the products in cupboards or turning the bottles around to face the bathroom wall. So, the SASS sleek and discreet packaging has been carefully designed to stand up against even the most upmarket skin creams and cleansers.

What they say about the products:

With research revealing that everyday soaps and shower gels can damage sensitive tissues and even raise the risk of thrush and BV (a condition that occurs when the bacterial balance becomes disrupted), the SASS range contains the first ever intimate probiotic to actively help prevent infections like thrush and BV and treat the symptoms of an existing infection.


The whole range is pH balanced so completely safe for intimate and internal use.

Ecodermine complex that promotes the growth of good bacteria, whilst inhibiting the microbes (bad bacteria) that cause thrush and BV.

Secret Sinodor CQ technology helps to actively control unwanted natural and microbial odours by neutralising them.

Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Menthyl Lactate complex to cleanse, moisturise and cool inflamed and irritated intimate skin.


The SASS range will go on sale in Boots stores in UK and on Boots Beauty Finds on 9th March.

News from CATRICE – starting mid January (EN only)

News from CATRICE – starting mid January (EN only)

Ultra Stay & Gel Shine 3 Step Nail System “It Pieces” by CATRICE

Attractive New Sportswear, Modern Art, Oversize, White Purism – the spectrum of fashion trends is huge, the attitude casual, light and full of life. And the Ultra Stay & Gel Shine 3 Step Nail Edition by CATRICE offers the trend ABC of hip nail polish colours. Four new and four bestselling colours will be here to complement every must – have look from mid January 2015 onwards. But that’s not all. CATRICE is also introducing the revolutionary 3 Step Nail System, which consists of the Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Base Coat, Ultimate Nail Lacquer and Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Top Coat. The system is perfectly aligned and acts as a colour magnet by making the colour last longer, intensifying the shine and protecting your colour manicure. For professional results – without the need for an LED lamp or a visit to the nail salon. Whether you go for tone-in-tone or use colour as a contrast to your style, the trendiest shades of the season – including pearl white, creamy apricot, shimmering pink and intense blue – are sure to develop their full effect. Beauty with a system – by CATRICE.

CATRICE – Ultra Stay & Gel Shine 3 Step Nail System

The innovative nail polish system, consisting of the new Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Base Coat, a colour Ultimate Nail Lacquer as well as the new Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Top Coat multiplies nail performance and acts as a colour magnet. The durability of nail polish is extended to last up to eight days with a convincing and unique gel-shine finish. Easily removed with conventional nail polish remover.

Step 1: Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Base Coat

The first step to perfectly polished nails with staying power. The Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Base Coat is not just another new Base Coat; the innovative formula also evens out irregularities to allow a smooth application of colour. The nail is strengthened and protected from discolorations.10 ml.

Step 2: Ultimate Nail Lacquer

Choose your colour! The Ultra Stay & Gel Shine 3 Step Nail Edition offers eight trendy spring shades with fabulous coverage. Pearl white, creamy apricot, shimmering pink and intensive blue are totally new; metallic aubergine, warm greige, soft lavender and bright pink are amongst our best-selling shades and complement the colour range. The 3 Step Nail System works with any CATRICE Ultimate Nail Lacquer – so there’s a choice of 45 beautiful shades in the standard range. 10 ml.

Step 3: Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Top Coat

The Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Top Coat seals the colour and guarantees an especially long-lasting and voluminous gel-shine finish. In combination with the Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Base Coat, it provides ideal protection for a flawless manicure. 10 ml.

Ultra Stay & Gel Shine 3 Step Nail System “It Pieces” by CATRICE will be available in stores from January 2015. The products will be joining the standard CATRICE range afterwards.