7 Ways to lose Weight the Healthy Way

I gained an unhealthy amount of weight when my thyroid function slowed down. Worst of all, I lived away from home, so diet was fast food and exercise were munching that fast food. Having an endocrine disease, fasting and dieting were not an option.

At 75% of my goal weight, am sharing with you 100% holistic pointers that helped me. Remember to Detoxify before you begin. Details in my article “7 Tips for Healthy Skin”.

  1. Getting Prepped

See your doctor and get tested for diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure and blood count. If required, go for necessary treatments and alter your diet according to doctor’s recommendations.

  1. Set a date and Slowly Increase Water Intake

Plan for a day to begin your regime. Let’s call it D-day. Up until D-day, slowly increase water intake to 3 litres. Water deficiency causes water retention, which contributes to weight gain. The more you drink, the more you shrink!

  1. Exercise

Start getting your body used to physical activity. What I found helpful was using GOQII fitness tracker. It helped me count my daily steps, water intake, calorie intake and sleep. It even reminded me to walk if I sat for too long. By D-day, you should comfortably be able to walk 7000 steps.

  1. Accountability

Parties will not stop when you decide to get healthy, so whenever possible, try to eat at home before you attend social events. When you cannot do so, don’t worry, just eat. Extend your walk by at least 30 minutes the next day.

  1. Cook without Oil

Gradually taper down the amount of oil you use to cook, such that by D-day you can cook and eat food without oil.

  1. Increase Fibre in your diet

 Start eating oats, leafy salads and fruits if you don’t already do so. If you do, make sure you eat a salad 45 minutes before your meals, and fruits in between.

  1. Eat 6 Meals

 Once you reach D-day, break your day into 6 small meals. Our Moms followed this pattern when we were kids. Nothing stops you faster from eating fast food than this.

 Next week, I will come back with some recipes and my recommended routine for D-day onwards. Hoping that until then, you will follow the above.

Until then dear reader, use the Comments section to share your ideas of braving the Weight-Gain Dragon!

Article written by  kananmodi

Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara Review



In short, Rimel Scandaleyes in Extreme Black 003 is one of my absolute favorite mascaras to use. I’ve been using it for at least a year and a half, maybe more, and I’m always happy with it. It never clumps, has great shades for all makeup styles, and is relatively cheap.

The mascara bottle is chunky and cute in black and white, while the wand has a sleek, chunky to skinny and back, look at it. I love the style of this hourglass wand because it gets all of my eyelashes in one sweep, and I usually only have to go again over my eyelashes to plump them out more once or twice.

If you are someone who uses more than one coat of mascara, then I guarantee you will be extremely happy with this product. It dries quickly so you can apply the second later, and even meshes well with other brands if you would like to use a different one with it.

There are three shades for this product, which are listed for you below;

  • Extreme Black
  • Black
  • Brown/Black Mix

The texture and smell are of a typical mascara, neither stand out too much, which makes this product even better. The mascara itself is not clumpy and applies quite smoothly.

The pros for this product speak for themselves! While there are not any vibrant colors, the colors that are available are gorgeous and help your eyes to stand out. As I said before, the mascara liquid is never lumpy and does not clump your eyelashes together, even if you use more than one coat as I do. I cannot find any negatives with this product at all, which makes it incredibly good for its price, which is also a great value.

Overall, I’d give Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara a 10/10!

Article written by  KateeyMcKay

7 Tips for Healthy Skin

Every one of us wants healthy beautiful skin. Every one of us has had it when we were kids. What changed? Lifestyle. In order to go back to the skin you were born with, simple steps can go a long way. What’s amazing is you can follow these steps with your demanding schedule. Just reading this article has helped you take the first step towards your goal. Kudos dear reader! Let’s get started!

  1. Detoxify your body! Every beauty regimen should be preceded by a compulsory detoxification programme to ensure completeness and effectiveness of the steps one takes. Dullness and acne are often results of toxins and waste products in the body. Ayurvedic Panchkarma, 30 day fruit and vegetable programmes, flaxseed tea all help to naturally stimulate your body to purge waste and toxins. This also enhances the function of colon, kidney and liver.
  2. Drink water! Once you have detoxed, incorporate these simple habits in your lifestyle. Ensure that you drink 2-3 litres of water every day. Water cleanses the body of toxins. Collagen in your skin requires water so it can function optimally. Without collagen, skin would lose elasticity and get wrinkled. Acne lesions increase when skin is dehydrated. Spread out water intake for that glow fellas!
  3. Meditate! Perform meditation for at least 15 minutes a day. This should be followed by drinking water. Meditation is known to slow down the aging process by bringing prana into our body, which repairs tissues and cells, giving skin a beautiful glow! It will bring you in touch with yourself, and restore your focus on your body’s needs – something our demanding jobs make us lose!
  4. Exercise! Activities that increase blood flow in your body – namely exercises, help to neutralize stress and oxidative radicals. They give you bountiful skin, and good temperament. Exercise even helps you sleep
  5. Cleanse, tone and moisturize! Toners should be used right after cleansing, to restore the skin’s pH balance. Good toners help to reduce pores, prevent skin dehydration, and generally make skin smooth.
  6. Get Vitamin C! Vit C improves collagen production, keeps away pigmentation and age spots and enhances skin’s ability to fight UV rays. It also protects you from the common cold. If that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is!
  7. Sleep! Stress hormones cause white heads and acne and can easily be warded off by sleep. Quality sleep reduces stress, improves vitality and ability of the body to regulate itself. Our body restores itself in our sleep. Make sure you get enough of it!

Article written by KananModi

L’Oreal True Match Compact Review

I’ve been using L’Oreal True Match Compact in the shade of Porcelain W1 for about a year now. It’s an excellent product to use after a bit of liquid foundation and helps to smooth everything out before you apply anything else. It can go freely all over your face, including your eyelids! This compact is priced reasonably, as well.


The compact itself has two flips; one for the product itself, and another underneath for the sponge and a small mirror. It has an elegant design to it overall, which is somewhat see-through, so you’ll know what shade you’re getting. There are multiple shades to choose from, so there is a shade for all skin tones;

  • Buff Beige – N4
  • Soft Sable – C6
  • Classic Ivory – N2
  • Sun Beige – W6
  • Honey Beige – N6
  • Light Ivory – W2
  • Natural Beige – W4
  • Natural Buff – N3
  • Natural Ivory – C2
  • Nude Beige – W3
  • Porcelain – W1
  • Sand Beige – W5
  • Shell Beige – C4
  • Soft Ivory – N1

The texture is not too bad, it has a light, fluffy feeling to it, and you don’t need too much of it. All you have to do is lightly dab the sponge into the compact and wipe it across your face. The smell of the product itself is not strong, either.

The largest pro for this product would be that it blends incredibly well with your skin, as long as you get the right shade for your skin tone. Another pro would be the fact that it has everything included, considering the mirror, and that the top is see through, so you can see the exact shade you will be buying. This product is also SPF 17!

The biggest, con, however, is that if you don’t get the right shade for your skin tone, it can make you look too pale or too dark. Therefore, you should always see if there is a tester product around to compare with, or ask a beautician if there is one in the store.

Overall, I would give this product an 8/10 score.

Article written by Katherine McKay

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