Infinite love – recenzie de parfum

Când vrei să cumperi un parfum, ce îți dorești mai mult: un ambalaj strălucitor sau un parfum persistent la un preț corect? Infinite Love îți oferă parfumuri persistente la prețuri corecte. Dacă dintr-un produs scoatem bugetul de marketing, promovare, reclame, ambalaje strălucitoare, rămâne doar prețul corect. Exact asta face și Infinite Love. Parfumurile mărcii sunt asemănătoare cu unele parfumuri celebre lansate în ultimii ani, dar fără tot polișul costisitor al altor parfumuri.

Infinite Love face parte dintr-o franciză internațională de parfumuri

Infinite Love K034 cu note ce pot aduce cu Cerutti  1881 Pour Femme

Note de vârf bergamot, frezie, iasomie, lăcrimioare, stânjenel, trandafir, violetă
Note de mijloc coriandru, galbalum, iasomie, muscată, mușețel, narcisă, portocale, stânjenel, trandafir, tuberoză
Note bază ambră, cedru, mosc, santal, vanilie
Anotimp Vara
Timpul zilei Zi

Parfumurile vin în sticluțe simple, de 50 ml și 100 ml, care sunt la fel pentru toate parfumurile, deci nu ai să rămâi impresionată de ambalaj, ci de ceea ce se află înăuntru. Prețul este de 65 de lei pentru 50 de ml și 95 de lei pentru 100 de ml. De foarte bun simț aș spune eu, dacă e comparăm cu prețul unui parfum de marcă.

Parfumul K034 de la Infinite Love nu este o replica a unui parfum de brand, în cazul acesta Cerutti  1881 Pour Femme. Ci este un parfum inspirat de Cerutti, astfel încât aroma lui seamănă cam 90% cu cel de la Cerutti. Pentru primă experiență cu parfumurile Infinite Love, am rămas plăcut surprinsă de persistența acestora.

O notă frumoasă a fost mini-port-parfumul, unde pot pune eu câteva pufuri din esența preferată și astfel am un parfum la purtător fără a mai căra o sticlă întreagă. Pe site vei găsi multe arome minunate și multe parfumuri care seamănă foarte mult cu unele celebre, de nișă și foarte scumpe, pe care multe dintre noi chiar nu ni le permitem.

Dacă ești genul de persoană care își dorește să încerce toate parfumurile caselor de modă sau dacă vrei ca în fiecare zi să îți schimbi parfumul în funcție de ținută, starea de spirit sau anotimp, Infinite Love este soluția ideală. Te vei simți pe podiumul de defilare fără să termini cardul de credit. Parfumurile Infinite Love sunt revelația acestui an în materie de esențe persistente dar și accesibile ca preț.

Eu aș vrea să mai încerc esențele lor orientale. Mi-ar fi plăcut să aibă și mostre, ca să pot testa mai multe. Tu ai încerca un parfum Infinite Love?

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir: is it really working?

What is Farsali Rose Gold Elixir?

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

Sal Ali is the founder of Farsali, a beauty brand best known for two products that you dispense via dropper bottle. Rose Gold Elixir and Unicorn Essence Rose Gold Elixir are a mixture of oils with bits of 24-karat gold floating in them. The Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is a blend of oils. Includes rosehip seed, pumpkin seed, vitamin E, lemongrass and orange peel, mixed in with 24K gold flecks to provide added brightness. Because unlike some skincare products that pill under makeup, or turn your foundation patchy, or leave you with an oil slick by noon, these serum-oil hybrids are incredibly lightweight, yet fully moisturizing, making them an easy add-on to your beauty routine, since they won’t screw with your products.

Over the internet frenzy

Instagrammers often use the Farsali Rose Elixir oil as a pre-makeup step; they’ll either smooth it directly onto their faces in place of primer, or they’ll put a few drops on a damp beauty sponge before applying foundation. Earlier this year, Farsali sent beauty bloggers into a frenzy with their Rose Gold Elixir product, a lightweight primer that contained actual gold karat flakes and rosehip oil, designed to enhance radiance. This has many interesting ingredients like 24k gold flakes, rosehip seed oil, and vitamins A and C, among others which work to achieve and maintain healthy skin with prolonged use.

The Rose Gold Elixir has 24 karat gold flakes in it for luminosity and is a great daily facial oil with a citrus aroma, thanks to ingredients like rosehip seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, vitamin E, lemongrass oil and orange peel oil.

Inside the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir, rosehip seed oil works to reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation, as well as diminish the appearance of other skin imperfections like fine lines and stretch marks. Farsali Rose Gold Elixir has Vitamin A (retinol-scientifically known to help fight wrinkles), and Vitamin C, which is why it smells a bit citrusy.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir my disappointment

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

I have seen that the internet is crazed about Farsali Rose Gold Elixir. Then, I read many review and opinions on it before buying it. I considered it to be the holy grail for my face and I was so happy when it finally arrived. So, I tried exactly as I saw in the many reviews from Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Strangely enough, my face turned red almost instantly. And this kept happening every single time I used the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir. Not to mention that it did not absorb at all, leaving my face all sticky and greasy.

Of course, I tried again and again and again, hoping for the best and trying to recreate the result see on the internet. I used on my clean face directly, I used after moisturizer, I used it after primer… nothing worked. In the end, I simply had to abandon the idea of using the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir. For me, this Farsali Rose Gold Elixir was a simple waste of money.

But is it worth it?

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

But wait there is more. I was considering the ingredients in this overpriced product: Rosehip oil, pumpkin seed oil, lemongrass and orange peel oil, Vitamin E and some gold flakes. If I were to take all the oils in this 1 FL OZ bottle these would not cost more than a few dollars, including the vitamin E. You might think that the gold is the most expensive ingredient, but trust me the gold in this Farsali Rose Gold Elixir is less than 0.0003 oz. And yes, you read the zeros right.

So, I must ask here: why is this so expensive? I paid more than 75 USD for it. And the real price of some oils is less than 5 USD.

Why a bullet journal is not as fun as you may think

In theory a bullet journal is a great idea. It can replace all the apps that failed you. It is fun to make. And writing things down can make you feel better. Or so they say.

Bullet journal

What is a bullet journal?

A notebook or book that contains everything you want to note and write. Every list, notes, ideas, etc. that ever crossed you mind you can put out in there. The problem is finding anything afterwords. If an app has a search function, the bullet journal has none. For instance in Evernote you can search everything you put in there. It even has tags that you can add. Every note ever made is one click away. This is not possible in a classic paper journal. The time lost searching for things is greater than the fun of making a paper journal.

Writing is fun and good for you

Honestly I hate hand writing. Even in school I always searched for ways to minimize hand writing. I had an entire system of symbols I used just to make sure I do not write entire phrases on paper. I am a tech addict and I love everything that technology has to offer. When finally school was over I discarded every piece of paper and replaced it by apps. Even now, when I have to write something on paper I feel lost. And I avoid writing at all costs.

Apps do not offer freedom

This is true in every aspect. Journal apps are just templates. They do not offer the freedom of a paper journal. But I still love them. Some apps are more customizable than others. For instance OneNote offers a tone of templates, styles and features. You can even draw or freestyle write something. I use it for work and personal things. Indeed, the basic layout does not offer many customizable things, but it is something you just get used to.

Bullet journals is on the wave now, but what about later?

Nowadays I see a trend of paper journals. Everyone is starting one and everyone is bragging about it. It is a return to roots. I understand the motivation, I understand the joy, but I still won’t like it. A paper journal is heavy. It is not something you can just do at home. You have to carry it around with you. So, beside everything you carry every day, imagine carrying another heavy thing. Please allow me to pin point the amount of instruments that are you are going to need: notebook, pen or pencil, sticky notes, colored notes, color crayons, color markers, alphabetic organizers and many more. Are you willing to carry all those with you?

Picture this: a windy or rainy day. Instead of taking out your phone and write something or search for something you already noted, you take out the heavy bullet journal. The rain is going to ruin it. The wind is going to take it apart. Maybe you have a sticky note in there. Or a piece of paper you added. Can you take it out in a windy day? Well, I do not think so.

Maybe it is just me and my tech mind. You see, simple things are fun to a point, when they are not practical anymore. For instance, I have a Bamboo Paper Journal that I can sync with my mobile creating virtual notes from everything I write. How many times do you think I used it? Two times. Then I realized it is not practical at all. I have to carry it around and it is heavy. My bag includes laptop, charger, mouse, a lot of keys, my camera and makeup products. It is quite a lot to carry. And have no desire to carry another thing that was making my bag even heavier. So, I placed the Journal in my home library and there it stays to this day.

Do you fancy the idea of a paper bullet journal or not?

Review Clear Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution 2% Salicylic Acid

I always wanted to go a day without foundation. My ultimate skin care regime goal was to be able to go outside without foundation. To see my skin clear, without white or black heads, without pigmentation stains or other problems. And sometimes what you wish for can became true. If you use the right products. And Paula’s Choice Clear Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution 2% Salicylic Acid helped me achieve this goal.

Price: 29 USD for 4 oz/118 ml

Product description:

This silky fluid leave-on BHA exfoliate has a potent delivery system to begin clearing stubborn acne and blackheads with a maximum pore-penetrating formula. It also calms redness and provides hydration for healthy flake-free skin.

  • Acne Breakouts, Blackheads, Enlarged Pores, Redness
  • For All Skin Types
  • Extra strength for stubborn acne
  • Unclogs blackheads, minimizes pore size, & calms redness
  • Water-light yet potent formula produces fast results
  • Use twice daily after cleansing skin

My experience with Clear Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution 2% Salicylic Acid:

I had no hope, but I bought this product because of the Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid) in its ingredients. Clear Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution 2% Salicylic Acid comes in a bottle. This makes application comfortable and hassle free. Also, is hygienic. The dosage is quite simple. I apply the product using a cotton bud. The product is without color and a noticeable smell. When applied it smells like medicine for a couple of seconds, but that is all. The smell fades away almost instantly.


Aqua, Methylpropanediol (slip agent/penetration enhancer), Butylene Glycol (slip agent/penetration enhancer), Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid, exfoliant), Camellia Oleifera (Green Tea) Leaf Extract (anti-irritant/antioxidant), Polysorbate 20 (solubilizing agent), Sodium Hydroxide (pH adjuster), Tetrasodium EDTA (chelating agent).

At first, I had some problems with Clear Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution 2% Salicylic Acid. When I applied it the first time, after 20 minutes all my spots were gone. I was ecstatic. But why follow instructions when I got such good results? So, I applied the product again the same evening. Big mistake! By morning my skin was so dry. I used my moisturizing face cream and made a plan: once a day, in the evening, followed by moisturizing face cream in the morning and evening.

For two weeks I had very dry skin. The foundation looked to cakey. BeautyBlender was of no help when applying foundation. My skin was peeling like a snake. But in two weeks I managed to reduce the dry skin spots and I could see the benefits of Clear Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution 2% Salicylic Acid.

Please do not make the same mistake as me. At first, the product should be applied every two days, for about two weeks. Then every day for two more weeks and then twice a day. So, the skin can get used to the product. I took the short path and made a mistake that cost me two weeks of hell.

Now, my face is used to the product. I can apply Clear Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution 2% Salicylic Acid freely without any problems. But, I always remember to apply a moisturizing face cream after 10-20 minutes.
The results are awesome and can be seen on my face. I haven’t used foundation in ages. My face is radiant, free of white heads and spots. The black heads are diminished and fading away also.


For my combination skin is a perfect fit.
Non-greasy, not heavy.
Can be used to diminish enlarged pores with somewhat good results
Evens the skin tone
Fights against white heads with success


It can be irritant for very sensitive skin and must be applied carefully.
For enlarged pores the results are not as expected.
For black heads the results are poor.


If you have the same problems as me, you should give Clear Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution 2% Salicylic Acid a chance. With all the cons above, it is still a very good product that I use daily.