TransRarau High Alpine Road – from Pojorita to the top


TransRarau High Alpine Road is also known as the Treasures’ Road. It is the connection between Pojorita and Chiril, across Rarau mountains. The road has a height of about 1400 m with access to the natural moments – „Pietrele Doamnei”. The asphalt on the road is still good, even after the winter, so you can easily go by car. I would suggest a convertible so you can enjoy the scenery to the fullest. From Pojorita to the top the road has two lanes, but from the top to Chiril the road has only one lane making difficult for two cars to pass side by side. This part of the road is not for the faint hearted. The road has about ten hairpins going up.


The chalet on top is not finished yet, and I do not think you can spend the night there yet, but it is undergoing construction works. For now, you can only enjoy a coffee and look at the beautiful scenery ahead of you. But you can find accommodation in Pojorita, Valea Putnei or any other location near the TransRarau High Alpine Road. If you want to enjoy the peace and quite at the fullest and fill your soul with light, you can spend the night at Rarau Monastery. It is an experience that must be done once in a lifetime.


The air is very fresh and smells like fir tree. Also, please stop any music in the car and enjoy the sound of water and birds. Near the road, there is a small mountain creek and the sound is incredible. On your way up or down you can stop at the trout farm to eat grilled trout or trout with cream, a excellent specialty. Basically, it is trout boiled in cream with garlic and dill. It is served with polenta (maize flour boiled in water). The trout is grown in the tanks on the propriety, so it is fresh and organic. Do not miss the cheese dumplings with cranberries jam. The cheese is from the cows that can be seen on the road and the jam is made of organic cranberries which grow on the hills nearby. Nothing else screams more „rural” than this. The food is an experience in itself.


A piece of advice: since we are talking about mountains and alpine road, please wear suitable shoes – like sneakers, especially if you want to go climbing to „Pietrele Doamnei”. You can only go by car as far as the chalet on top, from there you must go on foot. So, good walking shoes, suitable for mountain, are a must. Please bring a bottle of water with you. Sometimes the chalet is closed, and you will have no place to buy water or juice if needed. And when climbing mountains, water is a must. Even if it is summer, the temperature can be quite low. Make sure to bring a jacket, just in case. The weather can be unpredictable. Now it is all sunny and in the next moment, the rain can start without warning.

TransRarau High Alpine Road from Pojorita to the top. From the top to Chiril, will follow soon!

Fantastic hair care products

During the time, I have been told you that I confront a scalps problem: mainly itchiness but also dandruff. But if dandruff appears only occasionally and does not represent the main problem, itchiness became unbearable. I did not find out a concrete cause of the problem, but it became serious after I used the Palette hair dye, on which I have been talked about here and here. Up to this hair dye, I never had allergic reactions problems to any coloring agents, so I cannot say for sure that the hair dye was the problem, but I do can say that after using it, my scalps problem aggravated. My two problems were “crowned” with an acute hair fall which got me desperate. I even cut my hair short enough, from having a 10 cm long hair over the shoulders line; I got it above the shoulders line. But even so, my problems persisted and I realized that solving my itchiness problem will solve the hair fall problem too. So, I started to buy different kinds of shampoos. I have a whole collection of shampoos which had no effect. On a first hair wash, they seemed to have some results, but on a second hair wash the problem reappeared.


This happened until I discovered the Philip Kingsley hair products collection. I was webbing on feelunique and, of course, I entered the shampoos collection in order to see what I should buy for my problem. There I saw Philip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo, who seemed perfect for my problems: itchiness and dandruff. It was the only shampoo with lots of positive feedback, so I looked after some opinions on blogs and, finding only positive opinions, I decided to buy it. Honestly, I was so depressed that I was capable to use anything in order to obtain some results. However, because of disappointing experiences with other shampoos, I decided to buy the 75 ml bottle, for a trial. Its price was of 10 pounds, about 60 lei. Except for the shampoo, I bought also a promotional box: Philip Kingsley Luscious Locks Christmas Cracker. I bought it as it had 2 hair care products on a promotional price of 4.5 pounds, about 27 lei. And I have been waited for my order arrival to have a trial.


In the package, I found the 75 ml shampoo, the tube with green writing on it, the 60 ml Elasticizer product (a tube similar with the shampoo one, with red writing on it) and the Daily Damage Defence spray of 60 ml – which means that all products were in a short variant, appropriate for trial. And it really was a trial, because I have been used the shampoo for about 2 weeks, with 3 hair washing per week, the Elasticizer for about 4 weeks because I did not used it for every hair washing, and the spray Daily Damage Defence still resists, meaning that it is not fully consumed because I use it in small quantities.

Although on the shampoo box it is indicated to use it daily, I have been used it only 3 times a week. This is my own routine, so I did not interrupt it. The miracle of this shampoo happened from its first use. The dandruff diminished the same for the itchiness. I was quite skeptical because other shampoos pleased me too on their first use, only to disappoint me on a second use. But this shampoo was different because upon its second use, the dandruff disappeared almost completely and the itchiness was like it never existed. For me, a bigger miracle was the fact that the hair fall diminished considerably. If before this shampoo I was losing a big quantity of hair springs on a single combing, after using Philips Kingsley shampoo, I barely loose 2 – 3 hair springs on a washing. The only problem occurred when it was over. I ordered it again, this time a 250 ml product, but until its arrival I had to use a normal shampoo, and the itchiness reappeared, although not so violent as in the beginning. Luckily, the hail fall kept its level of 2-3 hair springs on a washing.

In the above photo you have the ingredients, in case you are interested. Not to mention that I love the fact that each product has its directions printed both on the box and the bottle.

Elasticizer was another Philip Kingsley product which impressed me. On this occasion I learned something new about hair. The healthy one, upon washing is flexible and does not get broken, but the one having problems is not so flexible and it gets broken when washed. The Elasticizer product makes flexible the hair with problems and thus, it does not get broken. The product is to be applied on wet hair, leaving him to function for at least 20 minutes, after which the hair must be washed. This is the theory, because I do not have the necessary patience to act like this, so I apply the product on dry hair, I wait for above one hour and I wash it. From what I have read so far, it gives much better results used as normal, but I do not have the necessary patience. Anyway, the results are amazing. Hair is tangled free, soft, and easy to comb, and it feels thick and heavy as it should be.


In the above photo you have the ingredients, and if we were to exclude the curing agent from the list, its ingredients are: castor oil, olive oil, glycerin, citric acid and water.

The Daily Damage Defence is the third product upon which I want to talk about. It is a intense flavored spray, which I apply on my hair after washing. As I never get hair combing after washing until my hair is dry, probably the product distribution is not optimal. I still have no definite opinion about this product. I will come back with clarifications, as soon as I get convinced.

I wrote a quite long article, but these products worth it. I will come back with details when I will be fully convinced, for the moment I am very excited about the new products discovered and I submitted a new order for a shampoo in the 250 ml variant and for other Philip Kingsley products upon which I will talk after I test them.

Article written by KathyA

Love at the first application – Catrice powder

I purchased the Catrice Cosmetics Waterproof Mattifying Powder because I wanted for so long to try some Catrice products. And it was love at first sight. Honestly, I’m telling you that until now, there has been no powder to fall in love with. I had powders that I liked and wrote about them, but this powder does the trick from all points of view, and it deserves all compliments.


It is a mattifying silky powder that leaves a perfect matte look. And it stays matte for around 8 hours without any problem. The waterproof formula is a new sight for sore eyes especially on hot days when the resistance to humidity makes a real difference.


Although it says that the tone is 010 translucent, what I have understood from the instructions is that it is a formula that adapts to skin tone. From my point of view, this is the only powder that truly matches my skin tone, so there must be some grain of truth in this. It has a soft-focus effect, and it is enriched with vitamins A and E. You can see the list of ingredients in the picture.


In my opinion:

– lasts for 8 hours without problems

– resists humidity and sweat without problems

– keeps the complexion matte and evens the skin tone

– covers imperfections almost perfectly

The price was 5 euro, and it deserves every penny. Because I like it very much, I will repurchase.

Codrii Bucovinei Touristic Complex Overview

Codrii Bucovinei Touristic Complex Overview

codrii_bucovinei (6)

If you travel from Suceava or Gura Humorului to TransRarau High Alpine Road, you may want to stop to Codrii Bucovinei Touristic Complex located between Frasin and Molid on the Moldova river bank. The location is so nice and quiet, even if it is near the road, that you are going to live it. If you travel by car, you cannot miss it. All you have to do is to cross the railroad lines, and you are there.

codrii_bucovinei (2)

codrii_bucovinei (4)

You have to try the Romanian food, which is very tasty and really not that expensive. The food will taste much better if eaten outside in this lovely place. The garden looks really nice. You can take a lot of selfies to show to your friends. But if you want a classic meal, you can choose something else. It will be a pity to miss our lovely cuisine. I am sure you will like it. Take a swing and listen to the peace. Just relax.

codrii_bucovinei (7) codrii_bucovinei (3)

Every time I was there I made a new friend. I invite you to take a look at my latest one: isn’t it cute?

codrii_bucovinei (8)

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