Why a bullet journal is not as fun as you may think

In theory a bullet journal is a great idea. It can replace all the apps that failed you. It is fun to make. And writing things down can make you feel better. Or so they say.

Bullet journal

What is a bullet journal?

A notebook or book that contains everything you want to note and write. Every list, notes, ideas, etc. that ever crossed you mind you can put out in there. The problem is finding anything afterwords. If an app has a search function, the bullet journal has none. For instance in Evernote you can search everything you put in there. It even has tags that you can add. Every note ever made is one click away. This is not possible in a classic paper journal. The time lost searching for things is greater than the fun of making a paper journal.

Writing is fun and good for you

Honestly I hate hand writing. Even in school I always searched for ways to minimize hand writing. I had an entire system of symbols I used just to make sure I do not write entire phrases on paper. I am a tech addict and I love everything that technology has to offer. When finally school was over I discarded every piece of paper and replaced it by apps. Even now, when I have to write something on paper I feel lost. And I avoid writing at all costs.

Apps do not offer freedom

This is true in every aspect. Journal apps are just templates. They do not offer the freedom of a paper journal. But I still love them. Some apps are more customizable than others. For instance OneNote offers a tone of templates, styles and features. You can even draw or freestyle write something. I use it for work and personal things. Indeed, the basic layout does not offer many customizable things, but it is something you just get used to.

Bullet journals is on the wave now, but what about later?

Nowadays I see a trend of paper journals. Everyone is starting one and everyone is bragging about it. It is a return to roots. I understand the motivation, I understand the joy, but I still won’t like it. A paper journal is heavy. It is not something you can just do at home. You have to carry it around with you. So, beside everything you carry every day, imagine carrying another heavy thing. Please allow me to pin point the amount of instruments that are you are going to need: notebook, pen or pencil, sticky notes, colored notes, color crayons, color markers, alphabetic organizers and many more. Are you willing to carry all those with you?

Picture this: a windy or rainy day. Instead of taking out your phone and write something or search for something you already noted, you take out the heavy bullet journal. The rain is going to ruin it. The wind is going to take it apart. Maybe you have a sticky note in there. Or a piece of paper you added. Can you take it out in a windy day? Well, I do not think so.

Maybe it is just me and my tech mind. You see, simple things are fun to a point, when they are not practical anymore. For instance, I have a Bamboo Paper Journal that I can sync with my mobile creating virtual notes from everything I write. How many times do you think I used it? Two times. Then I realized it is not practical at all. I have to carry it around and it is heavy. My bag includes laptop, charger, mouse, a lot of keys, my camera and makeup products. It is quite a lot to carry. And have no desire to carry another thing that was making my bag even heavier. So, I placed the Journal in my home library and there it stays to this day.

Do you fancy the idea of a paper bullet journal or not?

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