TransRarau High Alpine Road – from Pojorita to the top


TransRarau High Alpine Road is also known as the Treasures’ Road. It is the connection between Pojorita and Chiril, across Rarau mountains. The road has a height of about 1400 m with access to the natural moments – „Pietrele Doamnei”. The asphalt on the road is still good, even after the winter, so you can easily go by car. I would suggest a convertible so you can enjoy the scenery to the fullest. From Pojorita to the top the road has two lanes, but from the top to Chiril the road has only one lane making difficult for two cars to pass side by side. This part of the road is not for the faint hearted. The road has about ten hairpins going up.


The chalet on top is not finished yet, and I do not think you can spend the night there yet, but it is undergoing construction works. For now, you can only enjoy a coffee and look at the beautiful scenery ahead of you. But you can find accommodation in Pojorita, Valea Putnei or any other location near the TransRarau High Alpine Road. If you want to enjoy the peace and quite at the fullest and fill your soul with light, you can spend the night at Rarau Monastery. It is an experience that must be done once in a lifetime.


The air is very fresh and smells like fir tree. Also, please stop any music in the car and enjoy the sound of water and birds. Near the road, there is a small mountain creek and the sound is incredible. On your way up or down you can stop at the trout farm to eat grilled trout or trout with cream, a excellent specialty. Basically, it is trout boiled in cream with garlic and dill. It is served with polenta (maize flour boiled in water). The trout is grown in the tanks on the propriety, so it is fresh and organic. Do not miss the cheese dumplings with cranberries jam. The cheese is from the cows that can be seen on the road and the jam is made of organic cranberries which grow on the hills nearby. Nothing else screams more „rural” than this. The food is an experience in itself.


A piece of advice: since we are talking about mountains and alpine road, please wear suitable shoes – like sneakers, especially if you want to go climbing to „Pietrele Doamnei”. You can only go by car as far as the chalet on top, from there you must go on foot. So, good walking shoes, suitable for mountain, are a must. Please bring a bottle of water with you. Sometimes the chalet is closed, and you will have no place to buy water or juice if needed. And when climbing mountains, water is a must. Even if it is summer, the temperature can be quite low. Make sure to bring a jacket, just in case. The weather can be unpredictable. Now it is all sunny and in the next moment, the rain can start without warning.

TransRarau High Alpine Road from Pojorita to the top. From the top to Chiril, will follow soon!

One thought on “TransRarau High Alpine Road – from Pojorita to the top

  • 29 noiembrie 2016 at 11:50

    Nu am ajuns inca pe acolo. Dar nu se stie niciodata. Eu si sotul obisnuim in concedii sa plecam la munte chiar daca nu suntem impatimiti 🙂 . Insa ne place natura.


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