Essence I Heart Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pen

I’ve been using Essence I Heart Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pens in the shade of Ultra Black for nearly two years now, and I will never use anything else when it comes to the eyeliner I use solely on my eyelid and not my waterlines. This product is fantastic and I highly recommend it to everyone, whether you like liquid or pencil. Depending on where you go, the price is incredibly reasonable from what I’ve seen, mine was originally a gift.


This eyeliner pen is a black tube with cute pink writing on it, very small, and can fit in your pocket. The cap comes off easily and has an applicator of a marker. As far as I know, the only shade available right now is the Ultra Black.

The texture is literally like a marker, it does not leave any grease or smudging on your eyes, and it applies smooth as silk. The smell is incredibly light, which is kind of surprising, considering quite a few eyeliner pens I’ve tried and used in the past had an overpowering smell to it. In fact, it smells lightly like a permanent marker, but not so much that it makes your head spin if you get your nose to it too closely.

The biggest pro about this eyeliner pen is that it stays on all day. You could rub your eye over and over, it’s not going to come off. I know this, because I’ve tested this theory! Try it for yourself and see. I literally cannot find any negatives when it comes to this product, and that makes me incredibly happy! I’ve never used such an amazing eyeliner pen in my entire life, and I’m forever hooked.

Overall, I’d give this product a definite, confident 10/10 and will forever be buying it.

Article written by Katherine McKay

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