Cover Girl CG Smoothers Liquid Foundation

Hands down, Cover Girl’s CG Smoothers Liquid Foundation in Classic Ivory is one of my top five favorites when it comes to liquid foundation. This stuff is top of line and never fails to create a flawless look, it’s fantastic! I paid relatively cheap for it, so hopefully you do, too!

Cover Girl CG Smoothers Liquid Foundation

The product comes in packaging that’s sort of like a bottle and a tube, it’s pretty much made out of hard plastic, and comes out with a squeeze. There are multiple shades to choose from, which is fantastic, so there’s literally a shade for all skin tones and types. This product comes in the following shades listed below;

Creamy Beige

Classic Ivory

Natural Ivory

Classic Beige


Warm Beige

Soft Honey

Buff Beige

Classic Tan

Natural Beige

Creamy Natural

Medium Light

The texture is practically a liquid, it’s literally that smooth, and easily covers your skin. You won’t have to rub it around too much to get the job done. It also blends like magic, so using a sponge is not totally necessary, your finger will work just fine. Unless you put the product straight into your nose, you will not smell it whatsoever. I did not test that theory, though! Otherwise, I’d probably be able to report on the smell quite a bit more.

The biggest pro for this product would have to be the hydrating effect. Normally, foundations can dry out your skin, but this product does the complete opposite. In fact, when I use this liquid foundation for the duration of the day and take it off at night, my skin actually feels pretty great! Always fresh, always smooth. When it comes to cons, however, I cannot find a thing. This product is literally that great, and it’s fantastic.

Overall, I’d give this product a 10/10.

Article written by Katherine McKay

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