Hair Smoothening the Healthy Way

Recently, I’ve had very bad luck in the hair department. My curly, luscious mane began to bore me one day, and I decided to straighten it out. Looked great, but ruined my hair. Wonder what those chemicals did, my hair became dry, frizzy and would fall everywhere. I was beside myself. My friends at Studio83 introduced me to a wonderful solution – the Cysteine Keratin Infusion Treatment.

Cysteine has come out with a product to revitalize hair by restoring the pH balance of styled hair. When one colours or straightens hair, their hair becomes more acidic than normal. This results in some or all of the ensuing problems – breakage, hair fall and/or frizz. Straightening and colouring products use heat, in some cases formaldehyde or compounds that convert to formaldehyde under heat, ammonia and many other chemicals that change the properties of hair. Simply going to spa will not restore what your hair lost while you were getting that poker straight look or that new shade.

Cysteine came out with a safer and more organic product. They infused hair protein – keratin along with the naturally occurring amino acid, cysteine, together into hair. Keratin is the building block for hair, so it restores smoothness, shine and health into hair. Cysteine binds with hair more easily than formaldehyde so one has to use less heat while applying this treatment on their hair. Cysteine also hydrates hair thus, returning lost moisture.

Not only does this treatment revitalize damaged hair, but also works wonders on healthy hair. It makes hair smooth, shiny, tangle-free and low maintenance. You can literally just brush and go. It helps make curly hair behave! Best of all – you cannot tell the difference between old and new hair!

With traditional straightening treatments, your new hair grows more unruly than usual because of the chemical havoc wreaked on them, but with this enriching and revitalizing treatment, new hair comes back soft, smooth and healthier.

All you ladies who want a wavier, less curly look without the frizz and dryness should definitely try this treatment. It will not make your hair poker straight, but will definitely relax unwanted curls and give you a bouncy, shiny mane. For those with already straight hair, try this treatment for the shine and hydration. Believe you me, you will not regret it.

Article written by  kananmodi

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