Early Signs of Aging and How to Tackle It


Aging, this is one of the things many people secretly dread. For some people, it’s worse than a nightmare. We want to live forever young with all our features not changing in ways that only aging can. Well, unfortunately, we can’t stay forever young and can only last as long as our life span can carry. We enjoy those youthful years of our teens into the 20s and some parts of 30s, but then when we clock 40, the realities of life come knocking. Aging is a way your body tells you that it’s been overworking itself and just like a car engine, there is always a diminishing return. Aging may not be desired by so many; it is, however, a necessary evil. This is why we should strive to age gracefully and more importantly, avoid premature aging.

You don’t have to dread aging for any reason. Read through the following part of this article to get help on how to tackle those problem areas in your body that are affected by aging.

3 Dark circles

One of the first places to notice the signs of aging is around the eyes in the form of dark circles. Some people have a natural dark circle that is evident even at a young age of 13. Others get theirs as they begin to advance into their late 20s and beyond. The reason for this is because the skin around the eyes gets thinner as we age and makes the appearance of dark circles very obvious. To help solve this problem, you will need the help of Vitamin A that can be found in hydrating facial creams that contain retinoid acid or retinol. Another help is from concealers. Use a color that is two shades lighter than your color and applies on your dark circles to make it less obvious.


Another place you will notice aging quick is on the eyebrows. They also thin as you age. Things like hormonal imbalances, plucking of the eyebrow over time, genetic inheritance also contribute to the thinning of the eyebrow. If you are suffering from this have no worries. There are prescription drugs you can take for it. Your doctor can prescribe drugs accordingly. You can also make use of eye pencils to help make the eyebrows appear fuller or longer.

Loose skin

This is one major sign of aging. Your skin starts losing its firmness as you age and no matter how skinny you may be, you will still notice it. It’s more prominent in people that are on the big side. Issues like weight increase, undue exposure to the sun, smoking or genetics are the primary causes of loose skins. These things cause the collagen and the elastin in the skin to break down and loosen up. If you are yet to have a loose skin, we suggest you start applying firming creams that work with continuous use. Some extreme procedures can come from cosmetics in the form of fillers and Botox. Their result, however, is only temporary. Although there is no way to completely avoid having loose skin, lifting of light weights and exercise can help to firm up the loose skin to an extent.


This is another area that aging can be noticed because wrinkles easily settle there. You may notice the appearance of fine lines on your forehead as you advance in life. Aging is the major cause of wrinkles on the forehead, but some habits like squeezing of the face unnecessarily and carrying heavy things on the head are some of the things that also contribute to the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead. To help this, you can resort to massaging the face in an upward manner for 2-3 minutes daily. You can also decide to use makeup to hide it. Choose liquid-based foundation against dry foundations. Make sure you do not apply excess or it will comfortably settle in between the lines you were trying to conceal.


The lips start losing its fullness and smoothness as the signs of aging sets in. The chopping and the fine lines become more obvious when you apply lipsticks. To help resolve this, you will need to exfoliate and moisturize the lips. For the exfoliation use sugar and cotton material dabbed in water and scrub gently for a minute. After that, you can apply a lip balm or olive oil to protect the skin. Using lip products rich in SPF that protects the lips from the sun also helps.

Now you know where the signs of aging appear first and how to prevent or tackle it. Following the things we mentioned above and more importantly, drinking a lot of water, exercising and choosing healthy meals to go a long way in reducing the signs of aging.

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