Never say feminine hygiene again

Hello Ladies,

Today I want to introduce a new brad, focused on feminine hygiene products. I think we are on the same page when I say that feminine hygiene is a tabu, as no one likes talking about this subject, let alone actually going out there and buying the products for intimate care. What if, we had an alternative: intimate care products that do not look like intimate care products and you can feel as confident and comfortable as buying skin, nail or hair products? And what if those products were ground-breaking for intimate care in order to help maintain internal balance and help women feel their best every day?



Studies show that three quarters of women are saying they hate the current, outdated and unfashionable products on offer, they are either too embarrassed to buy them or resort to hiding the products in cupboards or turning the bottles around to face the bathroom wall. So, the SASS sleek and discreet packaging has been carefully designed to stand up against even the most upmarket skin creams and cleansers.

What they say about the products:

With research revealing that everyday soaps and shower gels can damage sensitive tissues and even raise the risk of thrush and BV (a condition that occurs when the bacterial balance becomes disrupted), the SASS range contains the first ever intimate probiotic to actively help prevent infections like thrush and BV and treat the symptoms of an existing infection.


The whole range is pH balanced so completely safe for intimate and internal use.

Ecodermine complex that promotes the growth of good bacteria, whilst inhibiting the microbes (bad bacteria) that cause thrush and BV.

Secret Sinodor CQ technology helps to actively control unwanted natural and microbial odours by neutralising them.

Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Menthyl Lactate complex to cleanse, moisturise and cool inflamed and irritated intimate skin.


The SASS range will go on sale in Boots stores in UK and on Boots Beauty Finds on 9th March.

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